Why Choose Pyplok®?

The installation and subsequent inspection of fittings is the most expensive part of joining and maintaining piping systems. Regardless of the type of piping system or material, there may be numerous threaded, welded and brazed fittings. These traditional types of fittings are costly to install as they require much labor and time.

Typical costs associated with welding may and included the following:

  • Obtaining of permits
  • Preparation time
  • Fit-up time
  • Inspection of joint
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Purging the system
  • Rework of joints that do not pass inspection.
  • Time for welding or brazing
  • Need for a fire watch

The Tube-Mac Pyplok® Mechanically Attached Fitting System is the best alternative to threaded, welded, or brazed joints. The Pyplok® system incorporates an external swaging process as a way of joining pipe ends together. The external radial swaging process compresses the fitting onto the pipe or tube, which results in a permanent, leak-tight joint.

  • There is no need to purge or flush the piping system of gas or liquid because the application of Pyplok® requires no hot work. In other words, Pyplok® allows for a "cold system".
  • The time required to join the pipe ends together is significantly shorter because of the portable tools used to compress the fitting onto the pipe.
  • Reduced inspection time through a go-no-go gauge, which checks for proper swaged diameter to determine satisfactory compression of the fitting. This eliminates the need for conventional NDT requirements such as X-rays etc.
  • There is no need for fire watch or any special fire permit which are needed for welding or brazing, as there are no fumes or fire hazards when using the Pyplok® application.

With all the advantages listed above, Pyplok® is certainly the most economical and efficient way of joining pipes. It dramatically reduces costs, greatly enhances quality, significantly improves safety conditions and reliability of the completed joint.

Tube-Mac® Piping Technologies manufactures Pyplok® fittings in all standard configurations. (straights, 45° & 90° elbows, adapter, tees, reducers and flanged ends).

Pyplok® is suitable for NPS, OD, and Metric pipes for commercial, industrial, marine and offshore applications:

  • Minimum NPS pipe wall thickness = schedule 10
  • Minimum O.D. tube wall thickness = 0.028"
  • Minimum metric tube wall thickness = 0.80 mm

Pyplok® configurations permit for all permanent ends or combination of permanent and separable ends. Separable ends include ANSI, SAE and ISO Flanged as well as JIC 37°, CPV and DIN 24° fittings.

Pyplok® fittings are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Type 316 and 70/30 CuNi (Copper Nickel).

Qualifying matching pipe for Carbon Steel Pyplok® fittings:

  • Seamless Carbon Steel to ASTM A106/A53S
  • ERW Carbon Steel to ASTM A53E/A587
  • Carbon Steel pipe to DIN 2391c, Grade ST37.4, E235+N
  • Carbon Steel pipe to DIN 2391c, Grade ST52.4, E355+N 

Qualifying matching pipe for Stainless Steel Type 316 Pyplok® fittings:

  • Stainless Steel to ASTM A312
  • Types 304/304L/316/316L
  • Carbon Steel pipe to DIN 2391c, Grade ST52.4, E355+N

Qualifying matching pipe for 70/30 CuNi (Copper Nickel) Pyplok® fittings:

  • 90/10 CuNi (Copper Nickel)
  • 70/30 CuNi (Copper Nickel)

Pyplok® fittings are available in other materials such as Super Duplex Stainless Steel, Brass or Navy Brass and Aluminum. Please consult factory.