The weldless, threadless way to join pipe/tube.

Pyplok® Benefits

The Pyplok® system assists you and your team with safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly piping installation and repair practices.

Most Cost-Effective On-Site Pipe Work Fabrication and Repairs

  • Pyplok® fittings are permanently swaged in seconds, reducing on-site time and labour.
  • Pyplok® fittings are swaged on pipe/tube cold, so no hot work permits or fire watch personnel are required.
  • Pyplok® tooling is hydraulically actuated, removing the need for special site services.
  • Pyplok® systems prevent the need for gas freeing.
  • Pyplok® systems do not require acid pickling and neutralizing, eliminating the environmental issues related to the disposal of such chemical wastes.
  • Pyplok® eliminates the time and cost of NDT (radiography or x-ray) requirements.
  • Pyplok® fittings are verified with a "Go-No-Go" inspection gauge, providing a much quicker and less costly process than NDT.

The Pypline



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