Many of the applications where you can find (or at least find a need for) Pyplok® fittings are dangerous enough. Why add to the danger by going through the potentially hazardous process of welding tube/pipe? ⚠️
By using the Pyplok® system in your pipe installation or repair work, you can reap a number of safety benefits. The fittings are swaged on cold, so the toxic fumes or fire/explosion risks from welding aren’t present. 🔥 You won’t need to purge the lines of fluids or gases, preventing the threat of contamination if you were welding. And once you’ve properly installed and pressure tested a Pyplok® fitting, they will never leak or fail, keeping your operations and personnel safe.
Give yourself one less thing to worry about. Contact us via the link in our bio and let Pyplok® systems help put your mind at ease!