Having the latest innovations and tech doesn’t always mean picking the most expensive option. In fact, if you use Pyplok®’s game-changing pipe/tube fitting solutions, you could actually save money in the long run! 👍 Here are just a few ways Pyplok® can help your operating budget:
💲 Swage your fittings in seconds, dramatically reducing your downtime during repairs 
💲 Skip the expensive certified welders and fire watch personnel
💲 Forget about hot work permits - Pyplok® fittings are swaged cold
💲 Reduce your chemical waste disposal costs - Pyplok® doesn’t require acid pickling and neutralizing 
💲 Avoid costly NDT (radiography, x-ray) verification by using a simple “Go-No-Go” inspection gauge for your Pyplok® fittings 
💲 Remove the time-consuming purging of gases or fluids procedure from your process
💲 Set it and forget it - properly swaged and pressure tested Pyplok® fittings will go many years before needing to be replaced 
Contact Pyplok® today via the link in our bio, and start planning the ways to better spend your hard-earned project funds!