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New Authorized Distributor in The Canary Islands

Created: Friday 06 August 2021

canary pyplokThe Tube-Mac® Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Tess Canarias also known as TESS as our new PYPLOK authorized distributor and service provider throughout the Canary Islands and West Africa.

TESS follows its oil and gas customers globally through providing innovative technical solutions. Quality, expertise and capacity is primary focus in all service centers and global branches in Brazil, Denmark, UK, US, and Singapore.

TESS has expanded once again and established a base on Grand Canary Island, located at Muelle Reina Sofia, s/n Nave TESS Canarias 35008 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain.

Gran Canaria comes from a long tradition of trading with West Africa. The island is a hub connecting Europe to the rest of the world, and its location is strategic in relation to vessels and rigs passing to and from European waters. It is a natural pit stop for rigs and vessels operating in South America and West Africa. Here they get service and repairs done for preparation and approval of entry into Europe. Adding PYPLOK mechanically attached fittings to their product line will improve their ability to offer pipe repair services, quickly and efficiently to local shipyards, vessels and rig owners.  

Tube-Mac® welcomes this new authorized installer and service provider into our group of companies.