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Mechanically Attached Fitting ... the weldless, threadless way to join pipe/tube
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PYPLOK® Receives United States Coast Guard Acceptance Letter Extending Product Use in New Vessel Applications

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has issued an acceptance letter on December 1, 2014 for PYPLOK® mechanical fittings, approving its use in a wide range of applications onboard vessels. In order to be considered for the additional application approvals, PYPLOK has successfully passed national and international pressure and fire test standards.

PYPLOK mechanical fittings, composed of carbon steel, stainless steel and copper nickel, are now approved for use in the following shipboard applications, as afforded by 46 CFR 50.20- 50(b):

  • Potable Cold and Hot Water
  • Machinery Sea Water Cooling Inboard of the Sea Valve
  • Hot and Chilled Water for Air Conditioning
  • Bilge and Ballast Systems
  • Cargo Oil Systems
  • Fire Main/Sprinkler/Foam Systems
  • Fuel and Lubricating Oil Systems
  • Domestic Sanitary Drains and Deck Scuppers
  • Compressed Air
  • Hydraulic System

The USCG acceptance letter is something we have been working toward and are excited to receive,” said Tube-Mac Vice President of Global Business Development, Chris Peitchinis “We believe that PYPLOK is the most economical and efficient way of joining pipes or tubes. The fittings are installed cold and safe without the hazards of welding. It reduces costs, enhances quality, and provides a leak free, reliable connection.