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Mechanically Attached Fitting ... the weldless, threadless way to join pipe/tube
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New PYPLOK® Distributor in Marine & Navy

The Tube-Mac® Group is pleased to announce that the appointment of W&O Supply, as our new PYPLOK® distributor in the USA and the East & West Coast of Canada for the Marine & Naval shipbuilding industries.

W&O is a diversified company with its head office in Jacksonville, Florida and many offices throughout the USA and Canada. W&O is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pipe, valves, fittings engineered products, and automated-valve and data-management systems to the marine and naval industries. They serve all segments, including commercial shipping, the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, MARAD, U.S. Coast Guard, cruise lines, barge owners, upstream oil and natural-gas rigs, and shipyards that build and repair vessels of all sizes.

It was W&O's enthusiasm and knowledge of mechanically attached fittings which caught our attention. Their management and employee philosophy is to provide reliable, high quality engineered products in a timely manner to service their customers. Expanding their product base by including PYPLOK® fitting technology will provide a great opportunity for both W & O Supply and Tube-Mac®.

As part of their commitment, W&O will promote PYPLOK at The International Work Boat Show in New Orleans, October 9-11, 2013.

Tube-Mac® welcomes this new distributor into our group of companies.